Cast Information

Dear Parents,
Who is placed in what role often has as much to do with fit, not solely with ability. It is not a case of the “best” person getting the biggest role and the “worst” person getting the smallest. Theater isn’t a foot race with a first and last place – it is about telling a story!
The people watching auditions (i.e., the teachers) want everyone to do a great job! We want our biggest problem to be how to give great roles to everyone, and we hope the students will make our task challenging by having strong auditions. This isn’t like American Idol – we don’t hope you mess up – and we don’t ever make fun of you!
Unfortunately, we can’t learn everything about a student’s talent from one audition!  If someone doesn’t get the part they wanted, it’s ok! They may have had an off day, or sometimes the directors think they would be better for another role, or some of the roles require a stronger singing voice! One audition does not prove whether you are “good” or “bad,” and the show must go on…
Although it is rarely apparent to a disappointed young actor when casting is announced – no matter what their role, our productions are always a fun and exciting learning experience for everyone involved. It is impossible to completely suppress one’s ego or desire for a specific role, but the more one thinks of this program as a weekly workshop that ends with a performance, the more they can get on with the business of learning and fun.
We hope that these notes help you discuss the audition process with your young performer. Auditioning is a sometimes nerve-wracking but perpetually present element of Musical Theatre, and we hope to help our students become as comfortable with it as possible! As always, do not hesitate to contact us with questions at

Thank you for your support!