On Monday the following cast will be their “character” and not ensemble:


Kathryn Whitlow

Will West

Reed Whitaker

Abby Piccirilli

Jasmine Allen

Chase Murray

Mason WIlson

Claire Simmons

Greyson Hinshaw

Kailey Eaton

Ryan Wolf

Faith Williams

Kalli Simmons

River Owens

Amelia Layne

Eli Horton

Faith Fagala

If we DO NOT have their costume, they MUST bring it with them.  Do NOT wear it to school. 

For those in the BUCKET SHACK and in the 5th grade, you will (during intermission) put on your Oompa Costume.  If you are in 4th grade and in the Bucket Shack, you will put on your ENSEMBLE costume during intermission.  This is your black and white costume with colored scarf.

On TUESDAY the following cast will be their character and not their costume:


Brody Terry

Sam Ostrovsky

Crishawn Cates

Ruby Davis

Kaylen Newton

Ben Lee

Mason Wilson

Brielle Ferrusi

Koby Owens

Jeslyn Jacob

Ryan Wolf

Audrey Baright

Reese Westbrook

Isabella Clayton

Amber Sandifer

Sean Horrigan

Addison Edmisten

If we DO NOT have their costume, they MUST bring it with them.  Do NOT wear it to school. 

For those in the BUCKET SHACK and in the 5th grade, you will (during intermission) put on your Oompa Costume.  If you are in 4th grade and in the Bucket Shack, you will put on your ENSEMBLE costume during intermission.  This is your black and white costume with colored scarf.

  • ON OPPOSITE DAYS/PERFORMANCES you will wear your ensemble costume first, which for everyone is Black Pants and White shirt and scarf.
  • IF YOU BROUGHT US YOUR COSTUME, they are divided into grade levels and in the bags with their names.  They will (during performances) be in the boy/ girl dressing rooms.

We will be tweaking costumes as well once we get them all on stage. We might need to add some accessories, etc.

We DO want to clarify hairstyles for the main cast and shoes!!  The following characters need to have a specific hairstyle. We are able to help during the shows and not so much during dress rehearsal.


Some of the grandmothers have wigs. This is great. They need to wear their hair in a ponytail, we have wig caps for them so that  their wig will stay on and bobby pins. They are re-usuable so they will stay with their costume.  They will also need for the Oompa Loompa’s. Maybe a little blush

GRANDFATHERS: we will probably powder their hair a little bit.  Grandpa Joe, your normal hairstyle is fine, we will need you to bring shoes to wear with your costume. anything that is more of a dress shoe type, but nothing fancy and do not buy anything!

MRS.BUCKET: A “homely” look. Low ponytail, nothing special.

MR. BUCKET: normal hairstyle is fine! Make sure you don’t wear nice looking shoes 😉

PHINEOUS TROUT: She has sort of a flamboyant personality so hair and makeup need to match. Bright lipstick  (we have some cat eye glasses they can wear). Maybe a low side bun- or a curly side swept look.  Some sort of heeled shoe, please!

MRS. TEAVEE:  She will be wearing a wig. Low ponytail so we can get a wig cap on you 🙂  Prim and proper makeup!

MIKE TEAVEE: spiked hair- this kid is a punk!

WONKA (Kathryn) we will play with they right “Look”.

WONKA (Brody) normal hair style 🙂

MRS. BEAUREGARDE: Heavy on the blush. Maybe some blue eyeshadow (haha). Hair in a low ponytail

VIOLET:  sports hairstyle- make sure it’s out of your face; wear sneakers

VERUCA: hair down, we will play with accessories.  Some stage makeup & wear sneakers

MR. SALT: Groomed hair. Maybe a little slicked down with a part if you can! We need a fake cell phone or ipod so you can pretend you are calling your lawyer 🙂  Wear nice dress shoes. Do not buy anything, but wear your nicest pair.

AUGUSTUS: normal hair but we need to add a little blush. You do have rosy cheeks after all 🙂 Wear shoes that compliment your costume.

MRS. GLOOP: an updo of sorts- we can play and help with that! Definitely need makeup! You are a little over the top, too!

Student Performance Info and Instructions

Below you will find all the information you should need for the week of Willy Wonka Junior performances. Please read over all of this information carefully. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask.

Thank you for all of your support and assistance as we get things ready for the production!!


  1. 1)  ENSEMBLE: All students must have black pants and white shirt, except for the 6 main Oompa Loompas. If your child did NOT leave their costume with us, please send them to school with it for ALL Dress Rehearsals AND the school performance. Please have them wear black shoes for this as well.
  2. 2)  SQUIRRELS (3rd Grade): we have your costume. They will be in a bag with your NAME on it along with socks, gloves and your “nut”. The jacket should be put on OVER the ensemble shirt, but they will probably have to change pants.  
  3. 3)  COOKS (4th Grade): we have your apron, hat and tray in a bag labeled with your name.
  4. 4)  OOMPA LOOMPAS (5th Grade): your costumes will be hung and a bag with your accessories will be hung around the hanger.

EVERYTHING will need to be put exactly as it was found (hung up, put back in bag). Please do not shove stuff back in the bags :).

In rare cases, a student with a featured part in one cast will get sick or have a situation in which they cannot perform their part. For this reason, all cast members should bring all of their costume pieces with them for ALL performances just in case he or she needs to fill in for someone.



Make-up for main cast will occur in the hour prior to the performance. Ensemble members need to wear some basic make-up or their faces will not show up on stage. Parents are responsible for this make-up. Usually this is a little blush, lipstick, some neutral eye make-up and mascara.

Even the boys will need some basic make-up. If you are not comfortable knowing how much make-up to put on a boy, we can put some on when they arrive.

For females, the best hairstyle for your child is to wear their hair tied back out of their face. When tying their hair back, please use a neutral color band or tie. Please do not worry about putting hairs in a bun or other fancy style. For boys, your child’s normal, brushed/combed, NEAT (not rolled out of bed look).page1image19920 page1image20080 page1image20240page1image20400

Dressing rooms are located in the  3rd grade hallway, or, B Hall.

Once you drop your child off in the dressing room, please plan on staying out of the dressing room. We need time with your children to get them calm, focused on their performance, and to have a pep talk. Trust us, they are in good hands!

When the performance is over, please wait in the hallway near the cafeteria for your child. There are many students in the performance and chaos ensues when all adults try to enter the dressing room area at the same time. Please be respectful of the dressing room area.


If you are dropping your student off for any of the performances but not staying to watch, please make sure that they are dropped off AND picked up on time.

For ensemble, our estimation is that 6:15 is a good rule of thumb for Thursday and Friday evening performances and 1:15 for Saturday afternoon. They need to come in their first costume, EXCEPT for those whom we have costumes for.

All ensemble should have their own costume, and, except for the school show, can come in their first costume (black and white) costume to change into.

Main characters need to be there at 6:00 because we have to mic them and give out costumes, etc. All characters MUST be in the dressing rooms by 6:30pm. NO EXCEPTIONS!!

Please allow about 75 minutes for the show before you arrive to pick up your child. If you drop off, please pick up your child at the top of the 3rd grade hall at 8:15.


  • ●  No one is allowed backstage prior to, during, or after the show.
  • ●  Again, ONLY DRESSING ROOM VOLUNTEERS are allowed in the dressing rooms.
  • ●  Students MUST stay in their dressing room. They are NOT allowed to run around in the hallways. We don’t

    want them to be seen until it’s showtime!

  • ●  No one is allowed to enter the cafeteria or hallway in front of the cafeteria until thirty (30) minutes prior to

    the start of the show. For evening performances, this is 6:30pm and for theSaturday matinee performance, this is 1:30pm. The line for entering the performance will begin at the doors in the Mangum breezeway.

  • ●  No seats can be reserved prior to the show. This includes volunteers – unfortunately, you will not be able to reserve seats while you are volunteering. The only exception to this rule is the families who won the silent auction last year. We may have several seats roped off for potential Durham Public Schools employees.
  • ●  The reserved seating has been arranged.
  • ●  Aisles need to be kept clear so the students can move freely.
  • ●  Please see information in the DRESSING ROOM section above for dressing room expectations.


    If you are interested in giving your performer flowers after the performance, the Mangum PTO will be selling single roses wrapped in tissue with a tag attached just prior to the shows. Roses will be $3.00.


    We will have concessions before the show and during intermission.

    DRESS REHEARSALS & PERFORMANCE REMINDERS March 20th & 21st 8:00 a.m . – ALL cast on stage for dress rehearsal March 23rd

    10:45 AM – Lunch – students bring or buy; cast will eat together

     11:15 p.m. – Students will prep for show

    12:15 p.m. – Show opens for Mangum Students

    *Please note the change in time for the start of the Thursday matinee performance. We have moved the time so that there is no chance we are still performing when it is time to dismiss the school. 

    Thank you and have a great weekend! 

    The Directors of Willy Wonka, JR. 

February 22nd:

  1. Last Friday’s lock-in was a great success. We got a lot done and have a lot of people to thank for volunteering!! Those of you who volunteered your time and energy in helping out on Friday- THANK YOU!!!
  1. Friday’sperformance is officially SOLD OUT! Please do not send in any ticket order forms for Friday as we will not be able to grant the request for tickets for that performance.
  1. This Friday(February 26th) is All Pro Dad’s at Mangum. We want to support this program, especially with a great speaker like our very own Rodney Williford, so we will not be having a Friday morning practice. No student should plan on coming to practice this Friday morning.
  1. Because we are missing practice this Friday, we would like every student in the Aladdin, Jr. castto plan on attending practice next Friday, March 4th. Practice will begin at 8am, as usual. So, in summary, we want all students to come to practice tomorrow, Thursday (2/25), next Tuesday (3/1), next Thursday (3/3) and Friday (3/4). We have so much to get accomplished in such a short time!
  1. I have had multiple people ask about filming the musical. We have had a parent with prior filming experience agree to film the Thursdaynight (3/10) and Friday night (3/11) performances. He has graciously agreed to make copies for people who are interested. If you are interested in purchasing a filmed version of the musical – either with CAST A or CAST B – you may order by filling out the attached form. Copies will be $5.00. I will also send order forms home with your child tomorrow. All forms are due back by Friday, March 4th.
  1. Before the week is out, I will be sending (through email and a paper copy) a final instruction sheet for performance days. It will provide information about dropping off your child, makeup, hair, etc. Please be on the look-out for this information as it is vital that we are all on the same page regarding performance date expectations.
  1. The Mangum PTO will have single roses (wrapped in tissue and with a cute tag attached) available to purchase on the nights of performances. If you would like to buy your child a rose, they will be $3.00. Concessions will also be available during performances.
  1. We have purchased extra fabric and can easily cut it to make a head wrap or sash for your student. If you would like us to make a head wrap or sash for your student in their role as a townsperson, please let me know and we can accommodate.

This is a great deal of information! As always, if you have questions, do not hesitate to ask!!

Thank you for all of your support as we get ready to shine!!!

WILLY WONKA, JR. Reminders!


Tickets are on sale now for everyone!  Make sure you get your orders in.  Extra forms are available on under forms.

T-Shirt Money

We ordered for those who have not turned in money. Your child will not receive their shirt until money is turned in. Dr. Sokar has the shirts, so that when they turn in money, they can receive their shirt.

2nd Lock-In

We have confirmed that the next lock in will be on the next early release day, March 15th UNTIL 4:00.  We extended it an hour so that we can hopefully get through Act II with both casts.  Be sure to note the additional hour when marking your calendars!!!

We will also do a Cast Photo during this time, so please wear your Wonka t-shirts!

Donations/Prop Sign Up

Thank you to those who have signed up to donate items.   We really appreciate it! After this weekend, we might send out a last minute list of items we need. We are in the process of setting the stage, and we may come up with a few things we need.


Please be mindful that we have less than a month before opening night!  It is IMPERATIVE that you be here, and ON TIME, especially for Tuesday morning rehearsals.  They are from 7:00-7:40 and are the only time we have to do intensive work with small groups when needed.  For the next few weeks, we will be working mainly with ACT II characters AND the  “numbered” Oompah Loompahs (they know who they are) as we are now able to get in the space and start setting the stage.  We will give you advance notice when this is the case.

We will be asking select cast members to either come to school early or stay after school for a bit to fine-tune a few things. Again, we will give you advance notice.  We also ask that you please be flexible with our requests, as we only want to make the show the best it can be :).

IF YOU RECEIVE  a rehearsal reminder, it is ONLY being sent to those who have rehearsal that morning.  If you have questions, please ask.


We have NOT sent home Volunteer Shirts yet, but they are coming soon. We want to have everything in place before sending them home.

We do need more volunteers for the Boys Dressing Room on the Saturday matinee performance.




Tuesday, March 7th, 7:00-7:40

Oompa Loompas


Thursday, March 9th, 2:15-3:30 (normal time)

All cast (Cast A- Act I run through)


Tuesday, March 14th, 7:00-7:40

Oompa Loompas and all Act II main Characters.


Thursday, March 16th, 2:15-3:30 (normal time)

All cast


Wednesday, March 15th (Early Release Lock-In), 12:15-4

All cast




Monday, March 20th (Dress Rehearsal!), 8 am until

Cast A – dress in your CHARACTER role

Ensemble (ALL students who are NOT characters in CAST A) – dress in your various ensemble outfits (black/white AND squirrel, chef or Oompah Loompah outfits).


Tuesday, March 21st (Dress Rehearsal!), 8 am until

Cast B – dress in your CHARACTER  role

Ensemble (ALL students who are NOT characters in CAST B) – dress in your various ensemble outfits (black/white AND squirrel, chef or Oompah Loompah outfits).

Thank you so much! Have a great weekend!

WILLY WONKA, JR. Reminders! February 9th 


Good evening! We hope you enjoyed that game!! 🙂 

Today a  reminder and volunteer letter was  sent home. After our rehearsal we had a couple of other things to add. We also did not  get through Act I with Cast B today.  We want to make sure that we do that before Wednesday.  So, we had added CAST B “Bucket Shack” character to Tuesday morning.  All new information is in purple! 
We stated it below, but if your child does not have their lines memorized by next Wednesday, they will be removed from their part. We are too close to the show to be feeding them lines. It really hinders our progress and puts us behind. Please, PLEASE work with your child this weekend. It will help them tremendously! 
Please make sure you review all of the information below! 

WILLY WONKA, JR. Reminders!


Tickets will go on sale next week to everyone! Make sure you get your orders in. Extra forms are available on under forms.

PLEASE KNOW WHICH SHOW YOUR CHILD IS IN. We sent information home, and it has been posted on our website. Please click the link below to view full cast information.

Cast A: Matinee performance on the 23rd and Friday evening the 24th Cast B: Evening performance on the 23rd and Saturday matinee the 25th All students are in all shows

Ensemble (non main cast characters) are in ALL shows.

T-Shirt Money

We have placed the order for shirts. We ordered for those who have not turned in money. Your child will not receive their shirt until money is turned in. If you are concerned whether or not you have paid, please let us know.


Reminder that the lock in is next Wednesday (February 15th) until 3:00.  Remember, this is an early release day!

We will provide a small snack for them. Our plan is to run ACT 1 with both Cast A and Cast B. Books will not allowed to be used. They need to know their lines front and back. Please help your child! They have had ample time to learn their lines. Many are struggling with knowing WHEN to say their lines. It would be great if you could read the lines before and after theirs. Have them speak their lines slowly and with character!


If your child did not bring their costume in at the first costume show, they need to bring it next Wednesday so we can work on filling in the holes on our end.

Donations/Prop Sign Up

Thank you to those who have signed up to donate items. If you could, please send the items in by next Wed. We need to finish the cooks plates, etc and start organizing everything!

We have also added some other props to the list that we are in need of:


Please be mindful we are close to a month away from show time. It is IMPERATIVE that you be there, and on time, especially on Tuesday mornings. Rehearsals are from 7:00-7:40.  For the next few weeks, we will be working mainly with ACT II characters. We may end up needing the Oompa Loompas more once we are able to get in the space and start setting the stage.  We will give you advance notice. Seussical is on the 28th of Feb, so we can not work with any scenery, etc. until after that time.

We have such limited time before and after school, closer to the show, we may be asking (main cast) to come in at extra times as we deem necessary.

We might also pull certain groups during recess to review choreograph, or to polish certain areas.

IF YOU RECEIVE  a rehearsal reminder, it is ONLY being sent to those who have rehearsal for that morning.  If you have questions, please ask.


If you have signed up to volunteer, you will be receiving an email in the near future. Please see the additional volunteer form for “holes”. We had to go ahead and order shirts, but ordered several extra of each size, so we will do our best to accommodate your desired size.


February 14th 7:00-7:40

Finish Act I with Cast B ; Scene 13 & 14

Phineous, Wonka, Gloops, Salts, Beauregardes, Teavees, Oompa Loompas, Grandpa Joe, Charlie

We also want to add CAST B BUCKET SHACK

February 15th 12:15-3:00

Early Release Lock In


February 16th

Normal Time

All Cast

February 21st 7:00-7:40

Scene 15, 16 , 17

Phineous, Gloops, Wonka, Salts, Beauregardes, Teavees, Oompa Loompas, Grandpa Joe, Charlie

February 23rd

Normal Time

All Cast

February 28th 7:00-7:40

Scene 18 & 19

Wonka, Salts, Teavees, Oompa Loompas, Grandpa Joe, Charlie, Squirrels

March 2nd

Normal Time

All Students

Thank you so much!

Willy Wonka, Jr. Updates!
Lots of information, so please read carefully!


We are sending emails through the email address. If you have NOT been receiving emails, it’s one of two things. 1) We do not have a contract on file for you, or incomplete email address or 2) We are in your spam folder. Please add us to your contacts.

It is very important to read the information that is sent home. As parents, we know how much information is sent out and things can get lost in the shuffle. But, we are a couple of months away from the musical and need everyone on board!

We also have a website set up as originally stated in the contract:

If you have questions and need an answer rather quickly, we have everything listed on the website.

The following things are on there:

Cast Information- (what show your child is in)-

Music Links

Costume Information


Wonka Needs

Forms (including contract, ticket pre-order form, t-shirt form, and other links)


Due January 26th!

Please send them with your child to school that day, so we can view them.

We DO want to keep the following costumes with us (please write your child’s name on the tags, or put in a ziploc bag, or bag with your child’s name clearly labeled):

  • Squirrels (3rd)- we have to add ears and tails
  • Oompah Loompas (5th)- we have to embellish the pants and shirts, etc.
  • Aprons
  • Chef hats

TSHIRT Reminder:

All money is due January 26th. All cast members are required to have one. Please send in your forms ASAP!  Extra forms are available on the website under forms.


Attached to this packet is a ticket pre-order form. Please send it back with checks made payable to Mangum Elementary School. Ms. Armor  (, school counselor, will be in charge of all ticket sales.  She will receive orders, record them, and then send the tickets home in an envelope. It may take a couple of days for your order to be filled.  If you have ANY questions regarding tickets, please contact her. She is the point of contact for ticket sales.  Tickets will go on sale to the general public at the beginning of February.


We are still in need of volunteers for all slots. From dressing rooms, ticket takers to concessions. We ask that you consider helping out.  We want to cut down on the paper usage, so PLEASE use the sign-up genius link. If by next week we do not have more people sign up, we will send home a form.

Susanna Hutchins is the point of contact for volunteers (


Several students are in danger of being removed from the musical based on absences.  At this point in the game, please do everything possible NOT to miss. We are starting to block the show and we don’t want to have to keep repeating due to people who miss. It puts us behind.  If you have already been in touch with us, thank you :).

We have a semi-updated calendar attached. We are pulling groups to work on certain scenes.  7:00 am is early, but it is part of the commitment and is the only time we can pull small groups.  If you are scheduled to be there, please be there!

Laura Hare, who has worked with the Mangum Musicals in the past is going to come on Thursdays and help! She was an integral part of the musicals in the past and her help is very valued! She knows what is expected!


All students will be off the book by mid February. They have had PLENTY of time to learn their lines!

Thank you so much! We are looking forward to a wonderful show.

Dr Sokar, Mrs. Claire, Mrs. West & Mr. Tackett

Hello Mangum Families –

 We will keep this page updated  as soon as we get going!
October 10th, 2016


We hope this email finds you well! We just wanted to let you know we are working on several things and will be contacting you over the next week or so with lots of information.  We do have several students that haven’t turned in contracts, and some who have turned them in and have not been coming, so we are really trying to get all of that ironed out first! 
A couple of things to make your life easier :). 
We have a website set up for you: Please bookmark it and refer to it often. 
On it, you will find updates, music, calendar, etc. Anything we email out will be on the website on some form or another, so always refer to the website before emailing. 🙂 
Some of you asked for a link for music instead of a cd. We are burning CD’s this week, but in the meantime, here are  a couple of links to get to the  music files:
Music via the  Website: 
Music link:
At the bottom of our signature, you will also find the link to the calendar. It is updated through the end of October! Because of the way this show is set up, we might not ALWAYS need the full cast. It’s very different than Aladdin! We want to use our time and everyone else’s time as wisely as possible. So, we are working on figuring out the best way to structure the rehearsals.
Thank you so much for your support of Willy Wonka, Jr! Stay tuned for more updates!
Dr. Sokar, Mrs. Claire (Hudzinski), Mr. Tackett, & Mrs. West