Line Memorization

Here are some tips for memorization of lines:

*Listen to the CD and sing/say the words with the people on the CD. Do this OVER AND OVER AND OVER!


*Have students write out their lines. Say it, speak it, and look at it.


*Have your child repeat their lines until they memorize them. You can each take a part in the play or you can read several parts so your child can concentrate on specific lines.


*Have your child get into character. Have them dress the part and make believe they are the characters they are portraying. This makes it more fun and more believable.


*Tell children to take some time to study alone until they are confident and have some lines memorized. Then work together with another child. Take turns alternate saying lines with the other person.


*Go over lines first thing in the morning, a few times during the day and last thing at night.


*Have your child move around while saying their lines. This has been scientifically proven to aid memory. The best thing to do is to act and feel the emotions of the character so that your child is learning the meaning of the speech as much as the words.


*Have your child learn the cue lines that lead in to each of their lines. Being prompt with lines will give your child and his/her fellow actors more confidence.


*As your child says or reads the lines, have them follow the thought pattern of each speech and the overall progression of the scene. Your child’s lines are a part of the play. They don’t exist on their own.


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