Mary Poppins, Jr Rehearsal Schedule

Tentative February & March 2019


Hello Mary Poppins families – 

Here are the latest updates for our musical! See below for information on attendance, costumes, and more. 


As we approach the show, I ask for everyone to make sure rehearsals and events for Mary Poppins be considered a priority. We are very happy to be flexible in the fall for appointments, other activities, etc. However, as we reach these final weeks it is very important for all cast members to be present and prepared! A LOT of people  from our community will see this show, and I know we all want the kids to feel as successful and proud as they possibly can.

As we get closer to the show, there will be times where we will be asking some students to come in at other times, or during recess, etc.  We will give you notice! We cannot start using a set until after Seussical which is close to the end of February. We will have lots to work out! 🙂

February 6th- Mary Poppins, Banks Family,  Bert,  Honeybees and Clerks choroegraphy (please bring a book to read during downtime)

February 7th- ALL CAST –  Anything Can Happen  (song) Groups for Jolly Holiday Choreography and Headshots 

February 13th- Early Release until 3:30 All Main Cast, No Ensemble NO BOOKS.  Plan is to do a run through with music. 

February 14th-All Cast Supercalif. choreo 

February 16th -Work day; times, etc TBA

February 20th – All Cast until 3:30 – Step In Time 

February 21st- All Cast until 3:30 

February 24th-  (afternoon) Workday Times TBA

February 27th- All Cast until 3:30 

February 28th – All Cast until 3:30 

March 6th- ALL CAST until 3:30 

March 7th- ALL Cast until 3:30

March 9th (Saturday)- Main Cast NO ensemble 9-1


Costumes have been due. We will be extending until next week February 7th. If you have concerns or questions, or having a hard time, PLEASE do not wait. Let me know as soon as possible. 

If you have your costume ready, you may bring it in to Dr. Sokar’s class and leave it there. Please label EVERY piece of your costume and bag that you bring it in. 

If your child is a character in the show, they should have brought home a specific costume sheet for their character.  All of this is information that was previously sent out (it is NOT new). 

You can also access it here:

Character Costumes: https://mangummusical.files.wordpress.com/2018/12/mary-poppins-jr-costume-sheets-3.pdf

Ensemble Costumehttps://docs.google.com/document/d/1V09W22BV9lEQNHwFpBUay4GgZaKmsj-XzM0V_zKL0ck/edit

ALL CAST MEMBERS need the following costumes by February 7th.


The shows include:

Thursday, March 14th, (CAST B, NO tickets sold, day/student performance).

Thursday, March 14th, 7pm (CAST A)

Friday, March 15th, 7pm (CAST B)

Saturday, March 16th, 7pm (CAST A)


All students are in all shows. However, if your child has a character part, they will perform their part in the show that corresponds with their cast. For example,  Cast A Mary Poppins will perform as her character on Thursday at 7pm  and Saturday at 7pm. In the other two performances, she will be an ensemble members. All students MUST be at ALL shows. We have had to use alternate cast members in the past due to illnesses, etc.

You are not required to purchase tickets to all shows. If you choose to not purchase tickets, please arrange for drop off/pick up before an after the shows. More of this information will come later on.

As of now, we have sold roughly 100 tickets for Thursday and Friday night, and close to 150 for the Saturday show. Please spread the word!!! We need to boost these sales 🙂 


If you need to remember which cast your child is in, please go to https://mangummusical.com/mary-poppins-jr-cast/ and check.

Please make sure you purchase tickets for the shows you need! You are more then welcome to purchase for all, or just one. If you are volunteering for concessions or tickets/greeter, and plan to watch the show, you still need a ticket. Backstage/dressing room volunteers will not get to watch the show.

As always, thank you for your support, and THANK YOU to all who have sent in items off of the wish list. It helps TREMENDOUSLY!